Sunday, July 03, 2005

First Post

I've been accepted for the Google Summer of Code. W00t! I'm pretty sure that my proposal- creating an interface to an online clipart repository- is the least technically interesting of any of the 410 that were accepted, but I'm not complaining. And the the fact that the completed project should be useful to lots of projects, not just Inkscape (my mentoring org) makes me feel better.

This blog will hopefully serve at least two purposes: providing a record of my technical progress and some pseudo-documentation on my project for other developers, and showing the world the Inkscape/OCAL developer community my invisible friend Jose what it's like to go from being a mere supporter of the free software movement to being an actual contributor. But in all likelyhood, it will probably just end up serving as the final, definitive proof that Google has too much money.

Anyway, I intend to release early and often both on here and on my SVN repository. Keep me honest.


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