Saturday, August 20, 2005


I've released version 0.31 of the Clip Art Navigator. Its available at

There's plenty of changes in this version, but the coolest, to me, is that I was able to drop the requirement for an embedded SQL database for indexing local clipart (before, I'd been trying both SQLite and Gadfly), instead just using Python's own built in datastructures and pickling format. The net result is no dependencies on 3rd party libraries (for the searching code... the interface still requires PyGTK, since the python devs refuse to drop, or even make plans to drop, the albatross of tk) and lightning-fast searching (at least, 5 times faster than SQLite by my benchmarks).

The major issues outstanding now are the awkward procedure for indexing local clipart (I need to make a GUI), copy-paste functionality, and, somehow, figuring out a sensible visual interface for browsing OCAL by category. This last one will be particularly troublesome, since I designed the Clip Art Navigator to search multiple repositories simultaneously, and that's difficult to recconcile with the metaphor of the single category tree provided by OCAL.


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