Wednesday, August 24, 2005


I'm releasing version 0.32 of this project, which is now called the Clip Art Browser. Get it from

This is largely a bugfix release. Changes include:

Copy-paste works- sort of. You can copy-paste into the GIMP, but not into Inkscape. For now, I'm assuming this is an Inkscape issue.

The script has had a number of improvements, including a "-c" option to update the configuration file automatically, a "-h" help flag, better error messages and smarter placement of the output index file.

The localocal index file can now be placed anywhere, which helps to avoid permissions issues that had cropped up before.

The partial dependency on pyxml has been removed. The code doesn't need pyxml at all (for now... its very concievable that it might become needed again in the future).

Jon Phillip's cool Makefile has been included, but I need to update it based on these latest changes.

Dependencies are Python 2.4, GTK 2.6 and PyGTK 2.6.

To install, make sure you have a recent OCAL release extracted somewhere on your system. Then, extract the package and copy the contents of the clipartbrowser directory into your Inkscape extensions directory. Copy the clipartbrowser.conf file into the .inkscape directory in your home directory. Then run "python -v -c -f ~/clipartindex.dat DIR" where dir is the root directory of your OCAL dump. That should do it.


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