Tuesday, August 30, 2005


So, I put out another significant release of the clip art browser today. As always, the damn thing took three times as long to write as I expected. For some reason, my personal projects always take an unexpectedly large amount of effort, and my school projects always take an unexpectedly small amount (which is good, since I generally start them as late as possible). Anyway, here's a screenie.

If you're wondering why your version doesn't look as incredibly cool as mine, its because you're not using the awesome Gartoon icon set, and (less likely) because you're not using Clearlooks (which happily will be the default theme in Gnome 2.12).

Speaking of advances on the Linux desktop, I'd be cautious about running the browser if you've got an older version of librsvg... I had major crash problems when I ran it with librsvg 2.8.1. Right now I'm using 2.11.1, which is relatively stable (with the exception of the office/telephone category of the latest OCAL... some image in that one folder causes the whole thing to die on my machine), but I've had the best luck with 2.9.5... I tested for a while with it a few days ago, and couldn't cause any big problems. Occasionally librsvg won't be able to render an image, of course, but as long as it doesn't cause the whole app to crash, the browser will notice that and try to render with another renderer instead (if you've told it to in the config file).

What's next? Documentation (somehow, that's always next...), a more powerful configuration dialog, a convenient windows installer (using py2exe and Innosetup), the implementation of some performance gimmicks that are already hinted at in the code, a gui for downloading and extracting the latest OCAL release, and, hopefully, work on the server side of OCAL as well, if I can ever bite the bullet and learn Perl.


At 1:30 PM, Blogger Alexandre said...

Greg, this looks nice. Good to see the progress!



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