Tuesday, September 20, 2005


In the interest of doing the Right Thing, I switched the clip art browser installation system to setuptools this weekend (well, setuptools isn't officially the Right Thing yet, but its the successor to distutils, which is, and I've read that it will included in Python 2.5). This forced me to clean some stuff up, such as the way that I was accessing non-code resources, as doing the Right Thing usually does. It should be super easy to install now, although I say that every release.

Integrating CVS with the setuptools was tricky initially, but once I sent my plea for help to the correct mailing list, I got an answer in 3 minutes. And people claim no one supports open-source.

Apparently, the setuptools allow you to specify dependencies, and have the installer automatically resolve them, CPAN-style. I totally can't get that to work. But hopefully once the bugs in setuptools and me are worked out, that should make it easier for windows users to use.

Monday, September 12, 2005

You can't handle the truth!

In an interview with the Washington Post, Iraqi President Jalal Talabani describes an episode in Saddam Hussein's pretrial proceedings:

Talabani, based on a conversation with the judge in the case, recounted a scene right out of the movie "A Few Good Men." Asked about the mass killings, Hussein sat silent, refusing to utter a word, Talabani said. But Hussein was taunted, asked if he was afraid to say he carried out such an act. Hussein said, "I am not afraid," and defiantly admitted he ordered the killings. Talabani said the judge has a video and recording of the confession.

What a buffoon. While this makes it clear that the Iraqi people really are lucky to be rid of such a murdering egomaniac, it also reminds me of how little of a threat Hussein really posed to the U.S.